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REVENA Sàrl was founded in 2001 by a seasoned programmer who left Logitech with the goal of creating software solutions for secure digital information management.

In 2016, REVENA received a significant investment from its latest client and established two main objectives: to develop a decentralized Web 3.0 platform that enables secure and straightforward data exchange without relying on any centralized servers, and to create a humanitarian initiative that finances the purchase of books based on the volume of financial transactions within the system.

On February 28, 2021, REVENA successfully launched its first decentralized products aimed at building a serverless, algorithm-free internet powered solely by human interaction.

UUnivers®, sovereignty & trust

Trust, UUnivers ensures secure communication within its networks.
Obsolescence, you determine the length of time that data remains valid.
Identity, password-free authentication is synonymous with complete trust.
Sovereignty, you maintain control over your data, no matter where it is stored.

Since 2022, we have been utilizing UUnivers, a custom-built system supported by four key IT tools and tailored for the emerging Web 3.0 era of decentralization. Our solution offers an adaptive pricing structure that aligns with this new paradigm.

UUnivers, meaning “Your Universe,” empowers each user to create their personal data universe, while businesses can manage their document universe effortlessly. This innovative platform harnesses the power of individual or professional computers and incorporates the unparalleled security of blockchain technologies, providing an experience reminiscent of the pre-digital paper era.

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UUnivers® is a secure, private communication platform that prioritizes user control over data location.

At UUnivers, we don’t merely promise accessibility; instead, we ensure that you know exactly where your data resides.


Over the years, we’ve built a thriving ecosystem where each individual can manage their data and customize their logistics and processes independently. Users are no longer bound by business processes designed by unknown programmers on distant servers.

This achievement was made possible through the collective effort of 100 dedicated professionals who worked tirelessly to establish a solid infrastructure based on four key components:

  1. User-friendly software, devoid of menus or technical configurations (UUnivers Software).
  2. Energy-efficient IT infrastructure, reducing electricity consumption by up to 90% (UUconnect box).
  3. A work organization that maximizes the decentralization benefits offered by Web 3.0 (Ikat Patch Work).
  4. A dynamic pricing structure fostering income generation for all users and humanitarian initiatives.

All UUnivers pre-release tools are currently available on UUnivers Store.

By integrating these four pillars, we proudly position ourselves as the world’s first truly 100% Web 3.0 company.

Our unique infrastructure, combined with cutting-edge blockchain technologies, offers unmatched flexibility and security for various scenarios:

  1. Security Level 1 (Human level): UUsers software facilitates direct exchange between individuals, eliminating intermediate servers. This is akin to two people exchanging documents in the same room.
  2. Security Level 2 (Enterprise level): Leveraging UUsers software and the UUconnect box, secure exchanges can be confined within a company’s private rooms, ensuring internal security.
  3. Security Level 3 (International level): The combination of UUsers software, UUconnect box, and UUaccess box enables seamless international operations without data servers, connecting individuals across vast distances as if they were in the same room.

For those not using our tools, we’ve introduced UUcrypto software for encrypted document exchange outside our platform, maintaining the high-security standard associated with UUnivers.

Some explanatory videos by clicking here (EN).


To harness the decentralized potential offered by Web 3.0 technologies, we’ve adopted GorTex’s “Lattice Work” organization and adapted it to our decentralized environment, naming it “Ikat Patch Work” or IPW. The name “Ikat” is derived from an Indonesian carpet-making technique where threads are dyed before weaving. This concept inspires our interconnected work organization, where each individual (thread) contributes to a unique patch or mini-project upon collaboration with other team members (threads of various colors).

As these patches come together, they form a unified fabric — the final project — representing the collaborative efforts of our decentralized team.


Given our dual focus on technological innovation and humanitarian values, we’ve established a set of comprehensive general terms aimed at ensuring that our work is conducted in alignment with sustainable practices. These guidelines serve to deter collaboration with businesses that demonstrate unsustainable human or environmental conduct.

Our general conditions are :

  1. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  2. The Convention on the Rights of the Child
  3. The three rules of robotics
  4. Integrity and honesty
  5. The United Nations Declaration on the Environment
  6. Assurance of its effects

Our complete Terms and Conditions can be found at https://cg.uunivers.com (FR).

The Humanitarian Project forces us to be transparent, clear and fair, and obliges us to provide every human with tools that

  • Protect their data, wherever it may be.
  • Identify their data and the data of their friends.
  • Control their data, wherever it is.
  • Share their data, with their friends or the world.


By signing the MyData.org declaration, Revena SA demonstrates its commitment to upholding and defending the principle of individuals’ right to self-determination over their personal data on the internet. As an independent company, Revena SA has developed its own secure data exchange systems and services, ensuring that confidentiality and protection of personal data are never compromised.

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UUnivers, sovereignty & trust
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