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In 2001 company REVENA Sàrl was created by a programmer, after leaving Logitech. Since then, we produce software for digital information management with total security.

In 2016, with a big investment of our last client, the company REVENA was created and set two goals: to build a Web 3.0 allowing a simple exchange and protecting everyone’s data without any data server, and to have in addition an associated humanitarian project, which structurally finances the purchase of books according to the amount of financial exchanges of the system.

On February 28, 2021, we made available our first products for building a human-only, serverless, algorithm-free internet.

UUnivers®, trust by design !

UUnivers is secured shares by design.
UUnivers is trusted identities by design.
UUnivers is data controls everywhere by design.
UUnivers is protected data everywhere by design.

Since 2022, we have been using this system, thanks to 4 IT tools, with a tailor-made work organization and a price structure totally adapted to this new 100% decentralized world, which in any case is coming in force, the Web 3.0.

Our project is called UUnivers, like Your Universe. Its objective is that each human being who uses it, creates his own universe of data, that each company that uses it, can control its universe of documents. Exactly as it happened before, in the era of paper. But this time, using all the power of his personal or professional computer and the absolute security of blockchain technologies.

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UUnivers® is a trusted confidential communication system.

It’s not that UUnivers guarantees your accessible data to be anywhere. It’s that UUnivers guarantees where they are!


During these years, with great joy, we have realized a universe where each human being can control his own data, but also create his own logistics, his own processes. Without being forced to follow business processes defined by unknown programmers, on unknown servers, in unknown places.

For this, 100 people worked part-time, but hard, to build a coherent and operational infrastructure on 4 points :

  1. Easy-to-use software, without menus or technical configuration: the UUnivers software.
  2. An IT infrastructure that saves 90% of electricity: the UUconnect box.
  3. A work organization that fully uses this new decentralization of work allowed by Web 3.0: the Ikat Patch Work.
  4. A price structure that makes the project dynamic and produces an income for each user and especially for the humanitarian part.

All UUnivers pre-release tools are currently available on UUnivers Store.

Because these 4 pillars — software, technical infrastructure, work organization and pricing structure — are the framework of our company, we are the first truly 100% Web 3.0 company in the world.

Using our unique infrastructure and blockchain technologies, we have achieved a result with a flexibility and security quality unmatched to date.

  1. Security level 1, the human being level. The UUnivers software allows a direct exchange between human beings, without servers in the middle. It is as if two people were in the same room and exchanging papers hand to hand (i.e. directly from the computer of one human being to another computer of another human being).
  2. Security level 2, the enterprise level. The UUnivers software with the UUconnect box allows the same hand-to-hand exchange, but this time the exchange is only done in the private rooms of the company. It’s as if two people in the same company went into a room to exchange documents.
  3. Security level 3, the international level. The UUnivers software with the UUconnect box, as well as the UUaccess box, guarantee an international operation without competition, where people separated by thousands of miles can exchange documents as if they were physically in the same room without the need for a data server.

An easier access has also been set up for people not using any of the UUnivers tools. The UUcrypto software allows to receive and read or send, outside UUnivers, encrypted documents corresponding to the very high security level of UUnivers.

Some explanatory videos by clicking here (EN).


In order to ensure the decentralized expansion that Web 3.0 technologies allow, we have adapted GorTex’s “Lattice Work” organization to a decentralized organization, which we have named “Ikat Patch Work” or IPW. The name Ikat comes from a type of Indonesian carpet where the threads are colored before weaving. In this organization of work inspired by the interweaving of “Lattice Work”, each thread represents a human being, who, linked to other human beings (or threads of different colors) creates a patch or mini-project. The addition of each patch to the other patches, then creates a fabric type “Patch Work” English, ie the final project.

Our work organization documents can be found at https://docs.uunivers.com (FR).


As this is a technical project with a humanitarian philosophical goal, we have also chosen to frame all this with very specific general conditions. General conditions that will prevent us from working with companies that, humanly or ecologically, are not sustainable.

Our general conditions are :

  1. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  2. The Convention on the Rights of the Child
  3. The three rules of robotics
  4. Integrity and honesty
  5. The United Nations Declaration on the Environment
  6. Assurance of its effects

Our complete Terms and Conditions can be found at https://cg.uunivers.com (FR).

The Humanitarian Project forces us to be transparent, clear and fair, and obliges us to provide every human with tools that

  • Protect their data, wherever it may be.
  • Identify their data and the data of their friends.
  • Control their data, wherever it is.
  • Share their data, with their friends or the world.


By signing the declaration of MyData.org, REVENA sa supports and defends the principle of the right to self-determination concerning the personal data of Internet users. REVENA sa, is an independent company and develops its own data exchange systems and services so that it never has to make concessions regarding confidentiality and protection of personal data.

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UUnivers, trust by design !
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