UUnivers®, from me to you !

Fabian JP
2 min readJan 17, 2023


My data

We (100 people) have gradually, with great joy, worked hard to build an infrastructure without dedicated servers. An infrastructure called UUnivers, which, thanks to various Web 3.0 technologies, can now offer much better security and privacy than the 20th century technologies with algorithm and Artificial Intelligence stacked in vulnerable servers.

History of the UUnivers project.

All UUnivers tools are currently available on UUnivers Store.

These tools are made to easily build the best Web 3.0 and so

  • Protect my data, wherever it may be.
  • Identify my data and my friends’ data.
  • Control my data, wherever it is.
  • Share my data, with my friends or the world.


The UUnivers, will use this security and 100% privacy. But by removing all computers between humans, the UUnivers get many free side effects

  • 90% energy savings
  • 90% reduction of the IT structure and its costs
  • 90% simplification for all users
  • 90% fewer updates

Elon Musk

2023 01 16, “Instagram makes people depressed & Twitter makes people angry. Which is better ?”.

Mr Musk, the correct answer is “UUnivers,
because it is an organisation of human beings, which consists only of enabling communication between the computers of human beings, without using servers. UUnivers does not use algorithms or artificial intelligence between humans, because they are not needed to connect humans !”.


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UUnivers, from me to you !